Kristen Runyon, mother of three, homeschooled her kids while also continuing her own education at Northwest State Community College. With a schedule no one would envy, Runyon can use all the help she can get – which is why she takes full advantage of eTutoring for her classes at Northwest State.
With campuses in both Piqua and Greenville, Edison State Community College serves a broad, diverse student population. eTutoring fills a need for students who may not be struggling but could reach a higher potential with extracurricular support.
From his educational background to his goals for eStudent Services to his spelunking and photography hobbies, eStudent Services' Executive Diretor Kelvin Trefz broke it all down for us recently in our latest Meet the Team post.
The goal of the eTutoring Collaborative program is to have these vital services available to all of the more than 600,000 college and university students studying in Ohio.



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OhioLearns offers a searchable catalog of Ohio higher education distance-learning courses, degrees and certificate programs.

eTutoring provides Ohio college students with virtual academic tutoring options.


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Community groups, comprised of a diverse pool of educators, help to advise us and plan future projects within eStudent ServiceseTutoring and OhioLearns.



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eTutoring participation allows eligible institutions to offer valuable virtual academic tutoring options to their students.