eStudent Services delivers valuable 21st-century technology to the classrooms and homes of Ohioans through eTutoring and OhioLearns. Both programs help contribute to Ohio's goal of graduating more college-educated citizens.
For Berenice Watts, a nursing student at Marion Technical College, eTutoring through eStudent Services helped her academic knowledge and understanding of the English language. She became a frequent user of online tutoring while taking the prerequisite courses within Marion Tech’s competitive nursing program.
Kristen Runyon, mother of three, homeschooled her kids while also continuing her own education at Northwest State Community College. With a schedule no one would envy, Runyon can use all the help she can get – which is why she takes full advantage of eTutoring for her classes at Northwest State.
Katelyn Durbin finished high school with two years of college under her belt, completed two bachelor’s degrees and a minor in only three years at the University of Findlay, and is now earning a doctorate in veterinary medicine concurrently with a master’s in public health. This all may not have happened without programs offered by the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) and eStudent Services.



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OhioLearns offers a searchable catalog of Ohio higher education distance-learning courses, degrees and certificate programs.

eTutoring provides Ohio college students with virtual academic tutoring options.


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Community groups, comprised of a diverse pool of educators, help to advise us and plan future projects within eStudent ServiceseTutoring and OhioLearns.


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eTutoring participation allows eligible institutions to offer valuable virtual academic tutoring options to their students.