How do you use your time?


Do you have enough time in your busy schedule to start taking college courses? Some people believe that taking distance learning courses should take less time. Actually taking courses at a distance will take the same amout of time commitment from you. The only difference is distance learning courses allow for some flexibility about when you use the time.

Answer the questions in the Time Usage Survey on how you use your current time. The survey will calculate how many hours you have in a week to dedicate to studying for your courses. This will help give you an idea on how many courses you might successfully be able to take in a term. So if you are concerned about whether "part-time" or "full-time" is best for you, use the survey results below to help you decide.

You might need assistance on the question regarding how many credit hours you are interested in taking. Credit hours are used to determine the weight of one college course in relationship to an overall degree program. For instance, in an undergraduate quarter system most courses are four to five credit hours with 180 to 200 hours needed to graduate. This translates into 36 to 40 courses needed to complete a degree. In a semester system, most courses are 3 credit hours with 120 hours needed to graduate.

You can complete the Time Usage Worksheet online. You can save it for yourself or send it as an e-mail attachment as an assignment for a class or workshop.